The Results are in…

It’s over. The results from November 2012 are tallied and distributed.

Election? No. Think closer to home. And Midwestern United States.

Deer season! More precisely the firearms portions of deer season.

This year Missouri’s governor participated. He ended up successful at re-election and deer hunting in the same month.

According to a report on the radio, Missouri hunters harvested 204,000 animals this season. That calculates out to one for every twenty-nine residents of the state. And while an average size deer could furnish a few meals for that number of people I suspect most of the meat will be eaten by smaller groups over a period of months.

How to enjoy? Sausage pops into my mind first. Spicy chili and simmered stew come next. But don’t forget the chops!

For the record: I’m not a hunter. But the rule in my household was: You kill it. You clean it. I’ll cook it. (Oh, and join in the eating too.)

Deer are plentiful at this time of year. But be careful. Not only is hunting season over — some are not edible.

Ornamentation only!Do not eat!
Ornamentation only!
Do not eat!