Message Delivered

Messages arrive by many different methods.

Quick, run and tell your mother…..

Mail’s here!

Phone’s ringing. Can you get it?

And then the more public methods – newspaper, radio, television, live-stream internet video. I’m sure the technical people of our fast changing world can list more. Might even have a new one between the writing and posting of this blog. (Now that’s a message delivery system still considered new by the retirement generations.)

In this holiday season I ask you to consider and remember a message delivery system that goes back in time. They carried important news. High level of trust by their Creator. I always think they have a startle factor or scary look about them – so often their greeting begins with “FEAR NOT”.

Come and rejoice with the messenger.  They have brought Good News and a New Song.

Gloria!Come let us adore Him.
Come let us adore Him.

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