Age doesn’t matter

New, shiny Christmas decorations.     Christmas is for children.

Heirloom, traditional ornaments.       Children come in all ages.

Holidays are a time to blend the old with the new. Explain, show, sample family traditions in activities, decorations, and foods. The little ones will ask “Why?”. They might enjoy an answer that’s a story of how it started. How did you get the recipe from Aunt Gertie? Why do we bake our cookies the day after Thanksgiving?  Why do we read the same story every time?

In my living room, and sometimes on my tree, are decorations varied in material, memories and decades of time. I went looking for some of my oldest to pair with one of the newest. The new was easy to find – purchased on summer vacation this year. Old required a little more thought – I settled on a set of candles purchased by my mother – probably in Woolworth’s – when I was a child. The year she sent them, tucked among the presents, brought a touch of childhood home to a new place.

Old memories and new
Old memories and new

What mixture and time span is in your house?

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