Civic Honor

We’re having a presidental election this year. Have you heard? Are you registered to vote?

Three times during my life – so far – general election day has fallen on this date.

The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is how my father always defined election day. So today is the earliest the date could fall.

Citizens over twenty-one elected Harry S. Truman when I was falling down as much as walking. My personal memory of him is as a blunt spoken man long retired. I’ve learned more since then, much of it from books written after his death.

Fast forward twenty-eight years. I’m a voter now. Also a married woman with a mortgage. My vote went for the loser that election. It kept a pattern going. From my first presidental vote until several cycles later I was consistent in my vote for an underdog that stayed on the rug. It didn’t matter which party they represented. I knew how to pick them!

Calendars are predictable. Twenty-eight years again and the election fell on November 2. My consistent losing streak finished in the interim since the previous election on this date. The winner from this cycle is still living but out of office. His opponent is also living, occassionally in the news during this plateau of a political career.

I may not pick winners. But I vote. Can’t complain if you don’t vote.

See you at the polls on Tuesday!

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