America in the Middle

It’s good to be surrounded by friends.

Even better when the friends are inventive, industrious, and inspiring.

Today I offer a collection of words and invite you to find the thread.

Biathlon.       Fjord.         Lego.         Limpa.

Did you pull your thinking cap tight? Go running to the globe? If you’re opening the atlas I suggest you begin in Europe and direct your gaze to the Northern regions.

You shake your head. America’s not in the middle of this picture. The author must have attached the wrong title.

I plead “not guilty”.   See photo below.

Finland, Norway, United States, Denmark, and Sweden standing together

America stands proud, equal, and in the middle of this collection.

So after you have cross country skied to the rifle range next to the fjord don’t play with the Lego until after you eat your meatball on limpa sandwich.

Thank you Scandinavian friends for enriching American lives.

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