Hero of the Deep

Dig beneath the surface. Get to the heart of the matter.

Going deep is what the USS Cobia was built to do. And this WWII submarine did it well.

She’s a veteran of action in the Pacific. Credited with sinking 13 enemy vessels.

All heros require a brain. A submarine is not exception. Officers direct enlisted as the engines are started, batteries charged, ship moves forward, down, turns port and starboard in evasive moves and surfaces again when danger is past. Lookouts and deck gunners remain poised to drop down ladders to the main portion of the ship at the sound of the alarm. Young men move, load, and fire torpedos as directed. Navigation and communication specialists supply vital information. Cooks prepare the best food in the navy for 80 hot, dirty, hungry men. And the pharmasist mate treats wounds and illness.

Control room – The Brain of a Deep Water Hero

Commissioned in January 1944, the USS Cobia resides in the Manitowoc River. Twenty-eight of her sister ships were built here on the shores of Lake Michigan before starting a journey that included Chicago, the river system to the Mississippi and then New Orleans for finishing touches.

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