Fine old buildings hold history of many flavors.

One of my personal favorites of public buildings in St. Louis is know as the Old Courthouse.

Are you fond of tracing the history of US Supreme Court Justices?  Louis Brandeis was admitted to the Bar in the restored West Courtroom.

Are you more interested in cases? The first two decisions regarding the free or slave status of Dred Scot were argued in this building.

Is it the architechture that intrigues you? The dome is a story all of its own.

And the East Staircase? In daily use since prior to the Civil War, this iron stairway reaches from the basement to a viewing balcony on the third tier. All without any vertical supports! It follows the graceful curve of the wall, supported entirely by being embedded in the same.

Climbing is not a favored activity in my family – and like most of my relatives I need to talk myself into certain experiences. This one was worth it. Up close to see the detail of carving in the rotunda decoration. And worth one whimisal backward look at the next generation.

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