A Grand Meeting

Great! Grand! Majestic!

When a river from the Great American West merges with the widening river from the north it’s an event. And a location with difficult access.

So inventive minds — of the same caliber that placed the City of St. Louis on a bluff to avoid a portion of the spring floods — celebrate the union of these two great rivers where the residents have opportunity to enjoy.

Imagine a wedding party. The Mississippi groom, riding on a huge catfish, welcomes his Missouri bride floating on a shell. Attendents for both trail behind on river creatures of various shapes and sizes. Now freeze it in time and bronze and place the entire ensemble in a large rectangular pool.

The official name is Meeting of the Waters.

Find it my walking due west from CityGarden. Pause at the Civil Courts, Police Memorial and Firefighters Mounument. Divert your steps to walk the Veterans Memorial and find a bench in a shady place for a drink of water. There it is! Across the street from Union Station.

Not your average Bride

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