Run, Run, Run

Run as fast as you can.  Run as long as you can.

You won’t catch him.

Well, maybe. Running Man, a public sculpture by William Zorach actually stays centered in his fountain pool. You’ll find him downtown in the eastern half of a two block area known as Kiener Plaza.

He’s a good citizen. Depending upon the occasion he runs between water naturally white or tinted red, pink, or blue for various charitable causes.

With a nice wide walkway and inviting benches surrounding him he encourages busy residents to take a break. And he’s kind to photographers. No matter the time of day you can find one portion of his circle with the correct light. And on my most recent visit, a Saturday, he furnished a pleasant splash background to a wedding party.

How do I find him?

Glad you asked. Remember the Arch standing guard over the St. Louis Riverfront? Walk west – the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial grounds (that’s a mouthful, no wonder we say Arch), extends and merges with the Gateway Mall. A finger of public space, mostly green that pokes into the city more than twenty blocks. You’ll find our runner just west of the Old Courthouse following the settlers with their new supplies.

Running Man headed West

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