Neighborhood Original

My walk does not bring me here often. It sits on the edge of what I consider my walking range.

The first time I didn’t believe it.

The second time I started making up stories. Shall we try a few?

Has it been in the same family for generations?

Each owner adds to the core, updates for modern living, gets surrounded by suburbia. The land shrinks from farm, to multiple lots, to a single corner yard.

I see the oldest room modern in a 1950’s sort of way with panelling in warm wood tones over a thin layer of insulation and minimal electric service.

Efficient modern appliances and multiple baths populate the newer additions.

Come on a rainy summer afternoon into the log living room. Plop a pillow on the braided rag rug and read “Little House on the Prairie” with me.

A house to dream in.

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