It’s March!  The days are getting a little longer.  The countdown to sping is started.

I dawdle during my grocery shopping. The vegetable and flower seed pack displays beckon. What should I plant this year? What do I have left from other years? Are some of the seeds at home too old to depend on?

The bulbs in front have been up over a month due to a mild winter. I cross my fingers that I’ll have more than one bright daffodil this year.

When I walk out on my patio I take a careful look at my garden spot for the year. The old raised bed is gone, replaced by a neat rectangle of cement blocks on plastic. (No sense in having weeds in the cement walls.) It’s larger. I’ll need to buy more topsoil and peat moss. The compost pile next to the garden bed begs an estimate of how much it will contribute.

Not yet!  The sunshine welcomes and deceives at the same time. We have frosty nights and could still have snow. The moisture would be good. Keep everything as plans for the moment.

I go and look at the bulbs again, inspect the Lamb’s Ears for possible new growth.

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