Blessing of Security

On this, the eleventh day of the month, we focus on a blessing starting with the letter “K” — KEYS

Several years before my birth, the President of the United States, voiced four important freedoms. These were soon visualized by one of the prominent illustrators of the day and became very popular. They are: Freedom from Want, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom from Fear.

One of the basics for security — and Freedom from Fear — includes locks and the keys that go with them.

You’ve heard it from police and insurance companies — LOCK YOUR CAR! LOCK YOUR HOME!

In addition to keys to these two — or one if you happen not to own a vehicle — you may also have keys to a desk, file cabinets, storage shed, or even a trusted neighbor’s home. I, for one, feel more secure, less fearful, when the doors are locked before I go to bed in the evening. Yes, simple locks which these keys unlock are not immune to breakage and possible theft. However, they will “keep an honest person honest” or perhaps deter someone looking for easy mischief.

My next glass of wine will be in honor of my late uncle, a locksmith!

Some people just can’t resist a locked home — and cause problems for the residents. COMFORT ZONE contains an example of a burglary with high suspicion and low evidence. Check out the clean & wholesome romance here: