A Clean Page

Happy New Year!

How does your calendar look? Fresh and clean? Full of appointments and notations?

If ever a person can start a year with a blank slate — it’s 2021. So many of us continue to pull back from social engagements and keep professional appointments to the minimum.

This collection of 2021 calendars awaits my scribbles and notations of events. Believe me, I need reminders of where and when to leave the house or make an important phone call.

Do you use a wall calendar to keep yourself on track? Or a purse/pocket size edition? Or have you gone electronic?


Feast or Fun

What’s your first thought?

Let’s see…two cups of cooked pumpkin per pie equals…?

Or are you eager to pull out the knife and turn into a sculpture?

Perhaps paints to demonstrate your abilities in a different way?

However, you decide to deal with a pumpkin this season — I’ll leave you with the thought of ABUNDANCE — hundreds of pumpkins — so many in a season of plenty that we can turn them into temporary works of art and still have pie for supper.