Passport to the Universe

No secret among my friends. I enjoy travel. At various times I’ve taken road trips, train trips, airline flights, and one cruise.

I’ve also time-traveled to both the past and future. And space traveled. And imagined myself exploring new worlds of jungle one day and ice the next. How?

I have a passport to the universe. It fits in my wallet and I pull it out before I leave the library with books, videos, music, or puzzles. (They have other items, but I’ve not brought them home– yet.)

Currently, my other passport, the one that requires money and tickets to use, is in the process of renewal. When I get the new one — I’ll begin to plan a real-life adventure. But I’ll use the library passport to help by reading travel guides, or checking out a video, or finding a map.

The main characters in the sweet romance, NEW DREAMS, traveled a great distance. The necessary papers were different then, no photos, no plush accommodations — they pretty much had a guarantee of poor food and sanitation. Check it out and marvel at the changes since the 1850’s.

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