Behold the Horseman!

Equestrian statues have been popular for generations. I’ve never been able to remember for more than a minute the meaning behind how many and which of the horse’s feet are on the ground. Died in battle? Wounded in battle? Died of old age many years later?

However, I appreciate the way this animal has a hint of forward motion.

The king riding forth with a mixture of centuries in his dress and accessories did not prevent a namesake city from using this image. You’ll find it near the entrance to the art museum. With free admission to all except the special exhibits, this is a great place to introduce children (and others with short attention spans) to the world of fine art.

Not familiar with the flyover cities of the Midwest? Books can cure that. Starting with a sweet romance is a good choice. COMFORT ZONE, featuring a mature couple is an even better choice to this author.

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