The Color of Fruit

Today, the 15th of November, is time to give thanks to something beginning with the letter “O”.

My choice is ORANGE. You may decide if I’m talking about the color or the fruit.

Do you like the color red? What’s your opinion on yellow? As you probably learned as s child with a paint set — mix them together for orange. Perhaps it was a short time later you were introduced to the “color wheel” the diagram where orange shares the status of “secondary” color with purple and green. Don’t forget the rainbow — with the same colors arranged by wavelength.

Then we have the fruit. It’s pretty much the same color – varying shades and if picked a little early with some green visible. Do you like them large? Or smaller to fit in a petite person’s hand? Seeded or seedless? How much effort to you want to peel?

Having fun with an Octet of Oranges before the first one fell victim to a snack attack!

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