Nov 4, The Letter D

Thankful for an item beginning with the letter D.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

For me, it was DOGS.

From the time we moved to the farm when I was aged eight — we had a dog. And I liked when we visited friends with dogs before then.

Not all our dogs were the same.

Kev — a German shepherd knew he was Mother’s dog. He tolerated my father and other men mother approved of, killed cats or chickens that wandered into the house yard, and furnished protection from strangers asking directions or wanting to use the phone.

Strupe — belonged to my oldest brother as much as a hound belongs to anyone. Easy-going and willing to eat anything, anytime, anywhere. He turned vocal on occasion and when we counted chickens one fall we learned all his howling in the middle of the night kept the foxes away and saved poultry lives.

Scamp — Dad had trouble believing he actually spent money for this “cattle dog”. I don’t recall him ever herding animals. I do remember him going out of his way to get into puddles and the open sewer from the milk house. Fortunately, my rather high-strung father wised up and gave him away to a much more laid-back friend.

Tuesday — part of an abandoned litter, his life was saved when Dad mused “He looks like a cattle dog.” Oh, my father was mistaken in that regard. Tuesday didn’t want to chase his friends. But he grew to be a good companion, house-trained himself, and was known to share his food dish with the cats.

Don’t let the smile fool you. Kev knew who belonged near the house!

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