State your Opinion

Did you like it? Hate it? Would you do it again or not even consider it?

The twenty-first century appears to be a time when everyone expresses their opinion on everything.

Well — not exactly. Know who wants to hear from more of you? Yes, you — the silent citizens.

Authors! Artists! Creators of all the visual and audio arts.

Did you like the new song? Photograph? Book? Movie?

Let the artists know — good or bad. (We prefer good, but were warned to grow a thick hide.)

Often this is as simple as going to web site, browsing around a little to find a “leave a review” button, and stating your opinion. Is the item no longer new — perhaps last year’s movie — leave a review. This is a situation where late really is better than never.

Read any good books? Did you leave a review? I suggest any of this trio for sweet romance readers.