Do you Brew?

One thing I learned early in my cooking life was brewing — coffee, that is.

In our house, at that time, my father was the primary coffee drinker. The drink was prepared in a percolator on the stove. When larger amounts were needed (work crews for haying or threshing), mother used the boiling method.

Coffee’s not the only beverage you can brew. Tea comes to mind. Of course, don’t forget a very popular drink among my ancestors — BEER!

Several men I know in the next generation have experimented with making their own beer. Kits and directions are available at specialty stores and on-line. Or—if you happen to have a mother who’s good at gardens and following directions for storage and harvest — you can cut your shopping list by one item.

Growing hops in the back yard. The support is out-grown play equipment.

Brewing beer pairs well with baking bread. Yum! Yum!

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