Read a good book?

Have you read a book in the last week? Month? Six months?

Did you like it? Did you laugh? Learn something? Do you want to find another that’s similar?

If you answered any of the above questions with “yes” –I urge you to write and post a review.

You don’t need to be fancy. Forget about the paragraphs or columns you find from professional reviewers in your local newspaper or popular internet feed. Can you string a couple sentences together? That’s all it takes.

Where to post? Reviews are generally welcome on any internet site where books are sold. You can post to the large retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple) or find author oriented sites like Goodreads or Bookbub. Post on your favorite social media site — remember, short is okay!

Reviews welcome by authors with the initial “B”.

And authors who write blogs twice a week.

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