Far West

Go West, young man!

Building on this well-worn phrase, this woman (when young) moved West — following the young men?

Actually, I was part of the third generation in my family to pack her (or his) suitcase and head toward the setting sun.

Those in my grandparent’s generation moved to work in the lumber industry. Nieces and nephews which followed also went for job opportunity — but these were as teachers and office workers. My generation? A little adventure mixed with using my education.

Drawn by employment, and weather, my relatives at various times have lived (or are living) from San Diego and Pasadena in California all the way up the coast to Bellingham in Washington and most of one decade in Alaska.

Pick your adventure. Do you want to try the high desert in Nevada? Perhaps you’re move inclined to agriculture or industry in California. Don’t forget Oregon — just because I didn’t buy a mug doesn’t erase the state — with ranches, mountains, and beautiful coast. The mountains in Washington include the trademark Rainer. As Mount St. Helens reminded us in 1980 — even a volcano can be snow-capped.

So come for adventure. Stay for work. The Far West beckons with opportunity my family could not ignore during the entire 1900’s.

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