Cowboy Country

Travelers often purchase something to help them remember the good time they had in a new place — or a favorite place. For this author, it turns out to be one of two things on recent trips — coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets.

My sons and I visited all three of these states during the same trip — but one of the mugs came later.

Cowboys, horses, and wide vistas are common to all three of these states. We did find buffalo in all three — sometimes living and other times portrayed in stone or metal or printed on fabric. (Also served in restaurants.)

The states are not all alike.

You won’t find snow capped mountains in Kansas. You will find historic forts from the mid-nineteenth century, one Presidental childhood home, and other interesting things.

Colorado is known for majestic scenery, a gold rush, and dinosaur digs.

Wyoming is home to variety — dry plains, high mountains, minerals, hot geysers, and wind. Lots and lots of wind. Hang onto your hat (cowboy, of course) when hunting the elusive Jackalope in Wyoming.

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