Grandmother’s Pantry Z

In the childhood game of “Grandmother’s Trunk”, which I adapted for my blog this spring, you repeated all of the previous items before you added one for the next letter. So…

I opened Grandmother’s Pantry and found:

Apples, bananas, and corn. Dates, and eggs, and figs. Garlic and guacamole are a pair, followed by hotcakes and honey. Ice cream with jelly. Kiwi and lemon. Let’s have marshmallows, nutmeg, olives and peanuts and popcorn. Quiona, root beer, and sausage follow. Tuna with tomato comes before upside down cake and vanilla. Walnuts. Xylose for those of you with bio-chem degrees is paired with yams.

Finally — we get to the final item. Be prepared to Zip out to the garden for a firm, green Zucchini.

Do you like your Zucchini in a nut bread? Fried up as a side-dish? Or raw with dip while watching TV?

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