Grandmother’s Pantry – W

I walked over to Grandmother’s pantry and opened the door. “W, W, W,” I muttered.

What to eat with W? You say the letter and all I think is Water. That’s fine for a beverage, but my stomach wants food.

Watermelon season? Oh, nice and sweet. Eat and wash your face at the same time. (Everyone was happier when the children, and some adults, ate watermelon outside.)

Whitefish is delicious. Welsh Rarebit is often mistaken for something else entirely. Worcestershire Sauce adds flavor but only experts can pronounce it quickly and correctly three times in a row. Wine — perhaps to finish off after the Water glass is empty.

Walnuts add texture and flavor to many baked goods. Not bad as a snack, either.

These are English Walnuts — the ones you find in mixed nuts near the winter holidays.

Black Walnuts have a different, very nice, flavor — and a much more difficult shell.

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