Second Childhood?

A number of years ago, my children moved out after college. As they headed off to those first apartments, I urged them to take many things. Since then, I’ve presented them with more boxes of their “stuff”. (How did two boys accumulate this much?)

However, one box I kept. I actually informed them it was staying with me — for my second childhood.

Well, that time may have arrived. Within the last week, I’ve pulled it out of the closet, made a great mess on the coffee table, sorted, and set to work.

Yes, I used the word “work”. For I had a purpose and goal as I sorted the Lego blocks. As most readers of this blog are aware — I’m a romance author. We have a reputation for having individual habits and quirks. Well, I’m working on this book, getting ready to start the second draft, and I wanted floor plans for two of my buildings. So I worked out this with each “nub” equal to six inches.

Can you tell the dress shop with living quarters from the cobbler’s shop (formerly the wheelwright’s) building with living space?

Yes, I transfer them to graph paper when I’ve worked out size, doors, and stove locations to my satisfaction. Still uncertain as to the roof design of the second plan.

For the record — I come by a fondness for floorplans honestly. My mother always studied the ones in the Sunday paper.

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