Greeting Card Perfect

Holiday cards are in the mail!

Oh, look! We’ve heard from___.

Christmas cards, holiday cards, greeting cards (and the notes and letters often with them) have been part of the December holidays all my life. Mother had an extensive list, including several of dad’s Army buddies. Relatives predominated — since both my parents came from large families — my brothers and I never lacked for aunts and uncles. Also included were friends from various portions of their lives.

Preparing the cards has always been important to me. Yes, I switched over to a form letter a number of years ago. However, an extra personal line or two at the bottom is not unheard of.

Do you enjoy receiving cards? Do you display them? Toss them in a basket on a table?

The picture created by this puzzle would make a great greeting card to display on a shelf.

1 thought on “Greeting Card Perfect”

  1. 7:am It’s warm enough in Eau Claire WI to have put on my tennis shoes and slipped winter coat over my nightgown, took the garbage out THEN walked the few yards to the mail box. The last of the Christmas cards are in the mail. Yes, I’ll answer a few more. Cards go back years. One came from a daughter of a dear friend last year with regrets. Important! Of course, the cards sit in a wooden bowl for months .I miss the cards of my parents and one pair of aunt and uncle.

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