Harvest Festival

Two days from now, the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

It is right and proper to set aside one day a year to give thanks for all the positive things in your life. While you can make a case that near the end of November is rather late to celebrate a harvest — all should be gathered in.

Winter weather is present or scheduled to arrive in large portions of the country. The growing season is over in all but the most moderate of weather regions.

In this puzzle, the artist emphasized the harvest colors of red, orange, and yellow. While that people are dressed in the “plain” or “Amish” fashion, portions of this scene were present in my childhood. (In very “modern” farming regions.) Some communities continue to celebration in the autumn with “steam threshing days.”

In this year which held many unpleasant surprises for many — I urge you to pause and “give thanks.” The harvest is accomplished. Distribution remains a problem — a situation caused by men and to be solved by them.

What sort of things in the puzzle are you thankful for?

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