Garden Cottage

Meet me at the Garden Cottage.

What sort of image comes to mind?

Are your thoughts cheerful — a small house surrounded by well-tended plants?

Or do you think sinister–night, no moon, and an abandoned structure in the midst of overgrown vines?

A clever writer could construct a book which fits either description. Or another — how about the modest house acts as a gateway to another world.

Today’s photo — taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden — falls into the first category.  For a little over a century, a series of employees such as chief gardeners lived here. Then it sat vacant for more than a decade (a tinge of the sinister?) before receiving a much needed renovation.

Would you like to spend a summer here?

1 thought on “Garden Cottage”

  1. In a Botanical Garden, shouldn’t the cottage be covered with ivy, surrounded by bushes, flowers paths and a gazebo?

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