More than Size Matters

Libraries. My heart has a tender spot for them.

Some of them are housed in impressive buildings. The main building of the St. Louis Public Library recently had a facelift and overdue detailed cleaning. If you visit — be sure to look up and marvel at the ceiling.

Branch libraries, and those in medium-sized towns, run from elegant old buildings to sleek glass and steel. Most have separate areas — actual rooms — for children’s, teen, reference, study, meetings, classes, and computers.

Then there is the small town. Let’s be specific and reference the model for Crystal Springs (check out the three romances set in this fictional town).

The current library is housed in a long, narrow frame building. When I was a child, it was the doctor’s office. Some older folks still referred to it as the “furniture store building”. And I do believe it had other uses before then. The location is great. It’s on main street next door to the elementary school. Parking across the street. Tavern and convenience close by.

Inside they have all the necessities. Books for all ages. Magazines. Audio books. CD’s. Computers. Newspapers and a quiet spot to read them. And friendly staff. They host events and clubs for adults and children. And even the occasional book signing.

The author chats with a home town resident at her debut book signing.

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