More than a Village

Small town life. It’s different from living in the city, or even the suburbs. And it’s more than a matter of the population number on the sign.

It’s a state of mind. An attitude. And the strong influence of rural surrounding. For example — the model for Crystal Springs includes more than the village of 522 hearty souls. (Have you seen the weather reports out of Wisconsin this winter? They are strong & sturdy.)

Consider the farms surrounding the town. They supply students for the school. Customers for the farm supply. Members for the church. And then there is the case of the house in the country. Perhaps the occupants have sold the land. Or they rent it to a neighbor. They may be retired. Or commute to work in a larger town 20, 30 or more miles away.

So remember when visiting a small town – in person or by reading – the fabric of the community includes more than the residents within the lines on a map.

Machine shed – as important as the house and barn.

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