Precious as Gold

Small towns are not the only gems scattered across the upper Midwest.

Minnesota claims 10,000 of them on tourist information and auto license plates.

Wisconsin and Michigan are not far behind on the numbers.

The resort areas of these states are rich with “summer homes”. Some are simple. Others, often over the course of decades in the same family, have all the modern comforts. Most offer a quiet change of pace and a good view. Many families have added fishing and/or boat docks. Rules vary — some lakes are motor free. Others welcome fast boats and water skiers.

Nugget Lake –a park nestled in the hills of Northwestern Wisconsin, welcomes you to fish and picnic.


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  1. Thank you for a pleasure to my eyes, the blue of a lake in summer. All I see is WHITE! Western Wisconsin, where this lake is located, is being besieged by blizzards.Of course, the lake’s water is frozen, covered with snow. This is another of the lake’s beauty!

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