One Last Look

Lunch today — is it turkey sandwiches? Or have you re-heated some slices with dressing and gravy? Do you have your sights set on the last piece of pie?

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. Lots of feasting. And while some folks avoid the traditional — lots of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, salads, and pies were served across the land.

Today has a tradition also — as the first shopping day of the Christmas season.

Are you a person eager to go out and be with the other shoppers looking for bargains or to pick up the “must have” item before the supply is gone? Or are you more of a “I’ll stay home today and do my shopping later” sort of person.

The photo below is for the latter group. Let’s take one more day to enjoy the colors of the harvest season before we string up the red and green holiday lights.