A Big Welcome

It’s always nice to be greeted when arriving in a new place.

Welcome to my city!

With a lion at her side and a laurel wreath in her hand, this lady welcomed the early arrivals of our tour group to Munich.

We arrived on a beautiful, warm, spring day. Most of us were dressed in layers for chilly airplanes and expecting temperatures ten to twenty degrees cooler. As we walked from the hotel to the Theresienwiese we shed jackets and sweaters. And dodged bicycles. (Note to pedestrians: the smooth portion of the sidewalk is for the hordes of bicycles. It’s safer to stay on the paving blocks.)

A large well-attended flea market was in progress on this late Saturday morning. Yes, one table was selling books. Another was filled with Hummel figurines and decorative beer steins. Plus many tables with glassware, crafts, and the sort of miscellany which accumulates in households the world over.

Later we learned we turned around too soon. Evidently we were only fifty yards short of the beer tents. Chalk it up as an experience. It was a great way to stretch our legs after long flights and to begin an acquaintance with a few of our travel companions.


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  1. I expect the nooks and crannies of your luggage began to fill early after stopping at the “flea market”. I certainly could not have resisted.

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