Cook’s Bouquet

Kitchen arrangement should be left up to the cook. Moving into a new apartment or home. Let the primary cook set up the cupboards and drawers. And decide witch items will be left in full view on the counter.

I’ve moved and set up several kitchens during my life. A few things are constant: the toaster is on the counter, dishes to the left of the sink, and cookie sheets in the oven drawer. Many more things are flexible and dependent on the type of storage available.

For years the slow cooker shared the counter with the toaster. Now that spot is taken by a coffee maker. When toddlers lived in the house the plastic storage containers were under the sink – beside the liquor. (I had my reasoning.)

And until I moved into my present home, a good many years ago, a drawer held the large mixing spoons, ladles, and spatulas. But due to the size of the available drawers, I needed to make a change. So I took a hint from kitchens visited and grace the room with a year around bouquet.

Within reach. Minimum tangle.

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