Thankful — Needful #2

Food. Clothing. Shelter.

Now that we have eaten, lets talk about the second of the three necessities.

Clothing. Many of us take it for granted that we have clothes to wear. They protect out skin from the hot sun and assist in keeping out bodies warm when weather turns cold. Clothing also hides flaws and is able to speak much about out personality.

Does a person wear somber, dull colors? Or do they favor bright hues that get noticed by others? Do they dress trendy, following the latest issue of a fashion magazine? Or do they pick classic styles?

Some of the answers to the above will depend on financial means and where they live. If a person is struggling to provide the other two necessities they may only be able to obtain used clothing in the more basic styles. Color? Depends on what’s available.

Does your closet resemble this?

If you were able to put on clean clothing for protection and modesty today it’s time to give thanks to all who prepared the fabric and fashioned it into clothes plus the stores that sell and distribute this necessity.