Spring Promise

Spring. Hope. New beginnings.

When gardeners young, old, amateur, professional, talented, and uncoordinated share dreams of bright flowers on hardy stems and vegetables forming and ripening before their eyes.

It’s early for most of us to go out and “play in the dirt” here. But I found a community garden which with the aid of plastic over hoops (now removed) gave these beauties a head start.

The race is on! Quick start garden. Now to keep the hungry rabbits away.


1 thought on “Spring Promise”

  1. Are these gardens near you? The raised beds are marvelous. Bob and I enjoyed out community garden seasons. I made lots of vegetable soup after raiding abandoned gardens.The Hmongs near us have their produce ready much earlier than others. I expect they use plastic covers over the beds.

    While spending too much time reading the links in ONLY IN YOUR STATE, I found Forest Park in St Louis. Have you been there? I discovered I’ve seen more than I thought in INDIANA. In Wisconsin, there’s more to see.

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