Show Me. Convince Me. Prove It.

At the crossroads of North, South, East, and West American culture — Missourians tend to be skeptical. Location also makes for contrasts in many areas. We have delta in the southeast. Wooded mountains in south central. A portion of the Great Plains in the northwest, and rich mid-west farmland in the northeast. Don’t like the weather? Wait until tomorrow. It’s sure to change. Sometimes from one season to the next.

Location also makes for great variety for both resident and visitor. Like history? The Pony Express started in St. Joseph. Steamboats plied the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Prefer the outdoors? Hiking and canoeing are popular in the Ozark area. Night life more your style? Try the Branson theaters or the urban delights of Kansas City and St. Louis.


Enjoy a stroll in a public garden.


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