The Land of Lincoln.

The Land of Windmills. Have you driven in the flat parts of this state in recent years? They have wind farms popping up everywhere. You even see their parts being transported to the building sites on long specialized trucks.

The Northeast portion of this state hugs Lake Michigan and includes the city of Chicago. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Several of my relatives migrated to Chicago for jobs immediately prior and after WWII. This made the city a place for my mother and I to visit twice during my youth. (Usually they came to see us on the farm.) It was always exciting – the people, traffic, museums, and cousins.

I’ve gone back as an adult. Even took my own children. Enjoyed the energy of the city but remain uncertain if I’d want to live there. I think I’ll content myself with the occasional visit where I can enjoy new sites and watch The Lake lap at the city edge.

illinois20080001Beautiful Chicago Lakefront in 2008

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