The Keystone State. The Quaker State. Penn. PA.

We’ve taken a giant step across a few state lines to get here. That’s what happens when you’re not thinking ahead enough to take a photo in every state you visit. (Or can’t find them years afterward.)

History books in the United States are filled with references to the features and events which occurred in Pennsylvania. One of the original 13 Colonies, it was the location for Continental Congresses (first and second), the Constitutional Convention, Valley Forge, and Fort Pitt. The state lacks a seacoast, but the fine port of Philadelphia on the Delaware River enabled trade and growth during the colonial and early decades of independence.

While I’ve ridden through or “set foot” in the state more than once, today’s photo comes from a trip in 1998. We entered at the western border, south of Pittsburgh, and drove east — toward the historic sites of Philadelphia and a visit with relatives. On our return trip, on a roughly parallel route to the north, we encountered signs of progress. After a few miles my travelling companion, a sharp young man, decided the business to make money in was manufacturing orange construction zone barrels.


The mother bumped her head touring the submarine.

The son forgot to duck on the ship.


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