New Hampshire

On this election day 2016, we stop in for a visit at one of the original 13 states.

New Hampshire has a small amount of coast line. Yet it was this very portion which I visited in 2008. A previous vacation in 1998 included a dinner and a short time of lost-due-to-road-construction a little further west.

Historical sites mixed with modern shops blended for a fine visit. Our group visited Strawberry Bankes, an extensive array of historic buildings. It’s difficult to label just one thing as the best. But the clockwork to turn the meat on the spit in the tavern was impressive.

Don’t get the impression the city of Portsmouth is only history. A freighter was in port, unloading a small mountain of salt (for winter roads), during our visit.

Small, but mighty. While it may take less than five hours to drive the north-south axis of the state — they have created a total of 72 State Parks for citizens and visitors to enjoy.


North Church in Portsmouth is “picture perfect” for tourists.


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