The United States…

How do you want to complete the sentence?

Is large? Are diverse? Needs to be mindful of their power?

During the coming weeks – perhaps months – this blog will display a sampling of the beauty, bounty, and history of this nation. Yes, I’ve managed to “set foot” in all fifty of the states but I’ll not be devoting a blog to each one. Would you believe…I either didn’t take or can’t find photos of some of these places?


As you can tell by this map of the physical landscape — many of the United States boundaries are formed by water. Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico define the eastern and approx half of the southern edge. The Pacific Ocean laps the western side and the Arctic Ocean contributes many miles to Alaska’s northern limit. Hawaii sits surrounded by warm Pacific waters. Other water boundaries are contributed by the Great Lakes and the Rio Grande. Lines drawn by men around conference tables established the remaining portions.

Some of the state boundaries include rivers and lakes as well as the straight lines measured without regard to the physical features of mountains, plains, and valleys.

I hope you’ll join me as we begin in the Northeast corner of this nation and go exploring.




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