Same Tree: New Crop

Two years ago, my book Hiding Places was released into the world. Since the hero of the book was developing an apple orchard, I found a local apple tree and took multiple photos of it from before first bud (hoping I’d selected the right tree) until ripe fruit was tempting and dropping.

Yes. I taste tested. Delicious.

The tree is still alive, producing a new crop of apples this year. As the only real fruit tree in a row of ornamentals, it stands apart from its neighbors. For one thing, it’s shorter. The crown is rather flat. Perhaps at one point during its growth, it was trimmed or pruned.

I doubt it receives much extra attention. Oh, a few of the employees of the nearby businesses may sneak a snack when the apples are ripe. No orchard spraying. No human assist during “June drop”. Just a semi-dwarf apple tree doing it’s bit in an urban environment.

100_5257Preview of the 2016 crop.

The book – Hiding Places — remains available through Crimson Romance, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.