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Welcome to a series of posts centering around a recent vacation.

Yes — you will be subjected to vacation photos and commentary. The time frame is uncertain. But for the next several weeks – perhaps longer – the images on this blog are from my first trip away from North America.

Does it matter that I’ve come late in life to this sort of travel? I ¬†sincerely hope not. While there will be some activities which age and health will advise against — the world is more open to me now than ever before.

So we begin…

Thanks to the type of group tour I selected, travel from airport to hotel was pre-arranged. After a short time of settling in – discovering my electrical adapter didn’t work — I double checked directions and procedures for my first adventure. This was prior to the official tour beginning — as we arrived in London from various cities.

Finding the station and purchasing a ticket for The Tube was soon behind me. Walk down the steps. Enter an elevator. Select the correct of two platforms. Then it was enter the train and listen for your stop — think any light rail system in the USA.

Follow the natives became my slogan for exiting the station. Up steps. Along passageways. Take an escalator. Stop, pause, and discover you need to insert ticket to exit the turnstile.

Up a final set of steps and into an afternoon shower. (After all, this is London.)

Welcome Visitor!
Welcome Visitor!


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