Special Building for a Special Location

Recent Friday blogs have featured branches of libraries in large, public systems.

Not all libraries fit that model. Smaller town will have one building, or a portion of the building. Frequently these are remodeled from previous businesses or perhaps even a home.

Churches often have libraries with collections primarily for members. Hospitals will have libraries filled with standard texts and recent periodicals. (We all want our physician to be up-to-date.) Schools often have one library per building plus a bookshelf or two in each classroom.

On one of my vacation trips we happened upon a library specialized in content (emphasis on one portion of university studies), but also specialized in construction. Strong winds, rain, and snow will not harm this building. It also matches the style of the living quarters and other structures in the observatory complex.

Mexican library0001_crop

A cozy building for students and staff  at a high point in the Mexican Baja.

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