Two Views

The first day of December. Do you realize that 92% of 2015 is past, done, in the history books?

What’s your reaction to the fact?

What happened? I had plans. Now I’ll never… I may as well give up. I never get anything done. Time goes too fast.

If that’s your view I’d call you a pessimist. Your glass is half-empty. Your mind is on the unattainable.

Shall we flip it? Did you know we have 8% of 2015 yet to live?

I can do this. I’ll find a little organization and accomplish many things in 31 days. Yes, I missed sending out…, but I’ll add a note to the Christmas card. It’s too late to plan that summer gathering, but who said picnics had to be in summer. (Think picnic blanket on the living room floor. {Advantage: no ants.}) I’ve time to start one new, positive habit.

Yes, an optimist to the end of New Year’s Eve.

Whichever view you take (and I favor the latter) here’s wishing you a reward for your effort in the final stretch of 2015. We’ll talk about 2016 in the near future.