Tempting Target

Attracts butterflies. Attracts bees. Low maintenance.

This is my kind of plant. Never mind that a nickname is TICKSEED


Oh. Good. The correct common name is Threadleaf. I can deal with thread. I like most leaves. My experience with ticks? That’s another story with unpleasant overtones.

So go ahead. Plant a nice border of Threadleaf in a sunny portion of your garden. It will tend to re-seed and also spread. Thus part of the low maintenance. Clip or trim near the end of summer and you’ll encourage another burst of blossoms in early fall. It will even establish if the soil is poor. (A bonus in St. Louis with clay fit for bricks under a thin layer of topsoil.)

And don’t panic if you think you see ticks lying around after the blooms dry. These are the seeds. Hence the nickname. Unless they crawl.

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