Rumored Repellant

It keeps mosquitoes away.

I’ll plant two. Or perhaps a dozen. This is one rumor I’ll act one, whether I put a lot of faith in it or not.

I do know the leaves add a great flavor to potatoes. And stews. And casseroles. (Hot dish to my childhood friends.)


May I present Rosemary as a guest in the living alphabet. She’s a native of the Mediterranean and her name means “dew of the sea”. She likes a climate on the warm side and soil that is light and sandy. Therefore: keep her in a clay pot and bring her inside when the St. Louis winter approaches.

She has a rich and varied history, earning a place in kitchen and medicinal herb gardens as well as borders. Centuries ago sprigs were woven into a headpiece for brides and grooms and wedding guests wore sprigs of it to represent a love charm. You can find it at funerals and memorial services as a symbol of remembrance.

Plus — it’s a nice name for a girl.


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