Quite Quiet

All you’ll hear out of me is a slight rustle of my oval, glossy leaves in a breeze.

Pardon me. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Quince. First name Flowering.

Flowering quince
Flowering quince

The amateur photographer in charge of this blog missed my blossoms. April. That’s when I’m at my showy best with bright pink (some close relatives tend to orange) double blossoms.

Do you want me to show off even more next year? Then give me a light trim after the last blossom is gone. Until then I’ll stand quiet as part of a hedge or background to sun loving flowers in front of me. I’ll even look good under a window with my 3-4 foot height. (That’s where the periodic pruning assists.)

Once I’m established in a spot I’m good to go with decent drainage and moderate water. And I’m useful for filling in a spot in the garden alphabet too!

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