Never Nasty…Always Nice

Go ahead. Twist your nose and and say it. NASTURTIUM.

Curbside Attraction
Curbside Attraction

We begin the second half of the alphabet of living things with N = Nasturtium.

When I lived in a climate cooler than St. Louis, but not as harsh as Wisconsin, I sowed seed in a protected area between the house and sidewalk one spring. For the remaining years which we lived there – three or four – it was a long time ago and the memory gets full – they planted themselves. Very low maintenance.

Are you planting a rock garden? A collection of herbs? Need a splash of orange blossoms? This is a good candidate.

Do you have a toddler? Or pets? No panic. Leaves, stems, and blossoms are edible. Expect a pepper flavor in addition to the burst of color and distinctive leaf shape it you add them to your salad.


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