Add one spoonful of…

The scientist within me cringes when I hear someone say to add a spoonful — or a dash — or a pinch. I want to ask back — How much?

Yes, I know it’s a shorthand. It’s especially common in the kitchen. And often times the hearer understands exactly what the speaker means. One day, back when I was learning to cook, I started gathering the measuring cups and spoons and ingredients for one of my grandmother’s cookie recipes. My own mother intervened in time.

Grandmother didn’t use a measuring cup. To her a cup was the large white coffee mug in her kitchen. Our discussion that day, as I selected a different recipe, didn’t extend to spoons.

Serve one spoonful of coleslaw to each person.


Which spoon do you want?

1 thought on “Add one spoonful of…”

  1. An instance response:

    A spoonful,
    A handful,
    the size of an egg,
    a smidgen,
    a dash,
    mayby a swig.
    Mix all together.
    Put it in a pan
    for a cake
    At the end of the recipe,
    the last word is

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